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"Steve single handedly changed my perception of the Recruitment industry. I found Steve to be communicative, supportive and energetic throughout the whole process of finding a new job. I have and do recommend Steve as a recruiter of choice, I have never worked with a recruiter that makes the stressful experience of finding a new job as much fun as Steve did."

Glenda Garmey
Relationship Manager - Associations
Leading Superannuation Fund


“I engaged Michelle’s services at the Harlow Group and found Michelle’s approach to recruitment truely refreshing, professional and thorough. I would highly recommend Michelle’s services to any prospective employer or candidate. Thank you Michelle.”

Andre Arratoon
Director of Sales & Marketing


“Coming from the recruitment industry I certainly had a clear view and understanding of what I wanted to find in a recruitment company when I looked at launching my next career move recently. Having known Harlow Group in the industry from my own recruitment experience, I instantly had a sense of confidence, trust, reliability and most importantly the level of personal focus I would want in someone who is essentially to be responsible for my future. Having met a few recruiters over the past, the old saying comes to mind “There are plenty of recruiters, but not many good ones.” The Harlow Group consultant I dealt with certainly fits into the “good ones” bracket and sits as high as you could possibly want to. His ability to take the time to truly understand what my motivations were from a personal and professional stand point is testament to the calibre of Harlow Group and their people. I was a passive candidate, so the consultant took the time to go into detail and consult on a range of topics that go into making a career move decision, such as culture, product, solution, career progression avenues, management, etc. Through this consultative approach, I was able to make informed and educated decisions on the roles that the Harlow Group brought to my attention and I was able to discuss each role in detail, which ultimately lead to Harlow Group placing me at my current role – as close to a perfect match as you would want.

In summery what makes Harlow Group different to the 1001 other recruiters in Australia is that they actually care. It is a personal, experienced, professional, refreshing approach towards recruitment. I would highly recommend their services to all.”

Jason Cornish
Business Development Manager


“I would personally like to recommend any employers and employees to the services of Harlow Group. I was recently involved in being placed in a senior management executive’s position. The services and professionalism of Harlow Group were outstanding from the first consultation through to the interview process. Harlow Group is not your average recruitment company, that’s because they listen.

Weeks after I was placed I still received phone calls to make sure everything was to my satisfaction in all aspects of my new position. Knowing the Harlow Group’s robust recruitment process from a candidates perspective, I now comfortably use the services of Harlow Group in my new employment as a client.

Their recruitment process ensured me and my company that only the candidates that met my criteria were submitted and interviewed. After the candidates are placed I still receive follow up calls to make sure that both parties are happy. Many thanks to all at Harlow Group.”

Scott McCarthy
Regional Manager
Ideal Electrical


“Regardless of whether you get offered a particular role or decide to take it up, I really believe that it’s important that the whole search experience is positive and respectful. From the first telephone call I certainly felt that Steve was interested in exploring what I, as a person had to offer his clients rather than seeing me as a “candidate” that needed to tick so many boxes.

He took the time for really valuable coaching before each client meeting, which was a fabulous support and made sure that he always followed up even if it was just to let me know that there was no update yet.

This showed a real empathy for my feelings.”

Elaine Holstein
Senior Marketing Execuitve