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Career Centre Job Seeker Service Level Policy

HG Job Seeker Service Level Policy

1. At all times Harlow Group consultants will treat all job seekers with utmost courtesy, respect and professionalism.

2. Where more than one Harlow Group consultant is assisting in filling a vacancy, each Harlow Group consultant involved must be able to provide all relevant information concerning timelines and details of the process at hand.

3. At all times Harlow Group consultants will be accessible and answer the phone where possible. All voicemails will be returned before the end of the same day or within the next 24 hours.

4. All applicants to every position advertised will receive a response to that application.

5. If a Harlow Group consultant does not put forward a job seeker to a vacancy in which the job seeker feels that they are suited, the Harlow Group consultant will give them a clear explanation as to why they are not being put forward.

6. Upon job seeker interview all candidates will be considered for the role that has been applied for. A Harlow Group job-seeker will never arrive for interview only to find out that they are not being considered for the role advertised.

7. Job seekers are to be informed of the outcome of any interviews they have attended. Where a job seeker does not progress with a client, feedback as to the reasons why they are not going through to the next stage will be provided in all circumstances where possible.

8. Upon initial job seeker interview, Harlow Group consultants are to discuss and clarify expectations around communication with the job seeker in terms of follow-up and updates as to their progress with specific clients.