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Managed Recruitment Services

Let us take care of it
- Tailored 'Candidate Criteria Document' (CCD)
- Detailed candidate reporting and analysis
- Industry specialised delivery consultants
- Employer interview development & coaching
- National delivery capacity
- Candidates score-carded against your CCD
- Valuable insights offered on areas of concern
- Robust HG 6 step talent search strategy
- Psychometric 'Job Fit' Assessments

Engaging Harlow Group on a Managed Recruitment Project allows you (the employer) to transfer accountability and management of the project to a team of specialist experts who have a history of sourcing and securing premium talent.

Prior to taking on a Managed Recruitment Project, we meet with you to discuss your requirements and whether our particular service offering will achieve your desired result. We will not take on an assignment that we cannot deliver on. With the advent of the Harlow Group ‘CCD’ (Candidate Criteria Document) you will be confident we understand your needs before we begin the search. Our 'Candidate Score-Carding System' and detailed candidate reporting and analysis will ensure that each candidate that makes the short-list is a strong job fit, streamlining the process resulting in 4 to 5 suitable candidates to be interviewed.

Our Managed Recruitment Service is founded on a commitment. We commit to a robust, structured recruitment process that leaves no stone unturned, taking every precaution in order to present a short-list of quality professionals that meet your unique requirements. We are delivery focused; taking on the attitude that close enough is not good enough. Allowing Harlow Group to ‘project manage’ your recruitment requirement enables us to take the time, attention and care needed to achieve a high quality result whilst providing a fully transparent service, where by the Harlow Group team becomes an extension of your business.

Why spend your valuable time juggling volumes of CV’s, talking to a number of recruiters that you may have set up to compete to fill the job?  You've inadvertently incentivised them to flood your inbox with CV’s with 'speed' being the focus over quality (they want to beat their competitor to fill the job, or they've worked for free!).  Have you done this in the past and been left empty handed?

You’ve got better things to do with your time...don't you?

Hand it to the capable and proven team of sales talent acquisition experts at Harlow Group. Make our team of specialists accountable to get you the best possible result whilst keeping you fully informed as to the recruitment project’s progress. Let us take care of it.

Ask your Harlow Group Consultant for more information on the HG Search & Selection Methodology – The 13 Steps