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Are We In Another Downturn in Australia?
See These Poll Results:

Author: Steve Ludlow - Director, Harlow Group

There’s been plenty of noise in the media of late talking of another downturn. This can make business leaders nervous and can influence the level of aggression and optimism we take into our decision making which can flow on to create a hesitance in investment decisions and a conservative financial management outlook. Retail spending figures among others are a little scary right now. However unemployment rates remain at record low’s (currently 4.9% in Australia). Is it time to hand the reigns of business back to the CFO’s and arm them with a machete? Or in reality should we be investing further to take advantage of a buoyant business environment? Let’s see. We asked some of our readers to participate in this quick poll to gauge the sales results of the last financial year compared to the year prior. Are sales results growing or shrinking? Here is the results:


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So it seems based on the results of last financial year, businesses in the B2B environment in Australia are doing quite well overall, with 64% of respondants seeing a rise in revenue year on year, 15% are within 3% year on year and 21% seeing a fall in their revenue year on year. These numbers are consistant with what I'm hearing from sales directors and business owners around Australia within our client base. On the hole, most companies we are partnered with are increasing revenue and are growing their sales force on the back of it. Thanks for your participation everyone!


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