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About Harlow Group Our Values

Our Values

At Harlow Group we have an unshakeable belief in our company values. These values have been developed, adopted and implemented so that they permeate all our actions and are at the core of our business.

Keeping our word, following through on promises, agreements and being truthful at all times with employees, job-seekers and clients.

Of individuals and divisions for their performance, results and challenges faced.

Quality of Communications
Internally and externally; with employees, clients and job-seekers in terms of openness, transparency, clarity, accuracy, regularity and timeliness.

Consistently produce excellent results in meeting and preferably exceeding what is required.

Responsiveness & Follow-up
To queries, requests, comments, criticisms from employees, job-seekers and clients.

Commitment to People
The goals, commitments and ability of the company to improve the environment and roles of their employees with a view to providing the conditions for personal growth.

Punctuality and Timeliness
In meetings and in replying to emails or voicemails, paying bills on time etc.

Quality and Adaptability of Services
At all times aspire to provide the highest level of service with a view to always being adaptable and working in a way that in beneficial, suitable and customised to all parties involved.

In working through challenges, organizing, executing plans, in terms of speed and the commitment to a decision once it has been made.